The Art

This is a directory of all the artwork in the Chemainus Festival of Murals collection. Simply click on the name of any piece to display its details, or view the collection as an image gallery.

Historical Series

1 Steam Donkey At Work 2 The Thirty-Three Metre Collage 3 Steam Train On Bridge Over Chemainus River 4 The Hong Hing Waterfront Store 5 Fallers Undercutting A Fir 6 Arrival Of The ‘Reindeer’ In Horseshoe Bay 7 Logging With Oxen 8 Chemainus 1891 9 Camp 2 On A Sunday 10 The Company Store 11 Temporary Homes 12 Native Heritage 13 Billy Thomas 14 H.M.S. Forward 15 Chemainus Tug Boat 16 1884 Chinese Bull Gang 17 First Schoolhouse 1883 18 Julia Askew 19 Mill Street In 1948 20 World In Motion 21 Chemainus Harbour 1910 22 Lenora Mines At Mt. Sicker 23 Chemainus Hospital 24 2nd Chemainus Sawmill 25 Waiting For The Whistle 26 Chemainus – The War Years – Circa 1915 27 The Spirit Of Chemainus 28 No. 3 Climax Engine 29 The Winning Float 30 The Lone Scout 31 The Lumber Barons 32 The Telephone Company – Circa 1915 33 Memories Of A Chinese Boy 34 Letters From The Front 35 First Chemainus Sawmill 1862 36 The Hermit 37 Star Novelty Works 38 Passing The Torch 39 Skating On Fuller Lake 40 The Volunteers 41 Chemainus Outdoor Gathering 42 The Unknown Miner 43 Kew Gardens Flagpole 44 Lest We Forget

The Emily Carr Series

EC1 Emily Carr’s Beloved Trees EC2 First Nations Villages As Seen Through The Eyes of Emily Carr EC3 Keeper of Secrets – Inspired by Emily Carr EC4 Sacred Cedar – Inspired by Emily Carr EC5 By the Bay – Inspired by Emily Carr

The Community Mural Series

C1 Orcas C2 Meadow Memories C3 Compass C4 Chemainus Labyrinth C5 Five Cent Candy Bar War C6 In Tune With Nature


S01 In Search of Snipes S02 Peace Pole S03 Sea Captain S04 Spool Donkey S05 Spirit Of The Earth S06 The Waterwheel S07 Three Generations S08 The Older Generations S09 H.R. MacMillan