Sylvia Verity Dewar

Sylvia Verity DewarWell known BC artist, the late Sylvia Verity Dewar was in the art world most of her life. She studied at the Emily Carr College of Art & Design as well as the Hornsey School of Art in London, England.

Her artistic diversity spanned from commercial art to illustrative works in honour rolls for such dignitaries as Princess Anne, Chief Dan George and the WWI UBC Memorial Book, to fine art in copper plate etching, woodcuts and painting.

Life changes and so does the artist – it’s a growing and evolving experience. Verity Dewar’s work changed from mostly black and white to vibrant expressionistic colourful works capturing the energy and vibration of the subject. For her, this new approach was much more exciting to work with and far more meaningful.

Verity Dewar exhibited throughout North America and has works in collections in the United States, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica and of course, Canada.
Sylvia Verity Dewar passed away in 2010.