Global Mural Conferences

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Chemainus hosted the 1st Global Mural Conference in 1998 and was honoured to be selected to host the 8th Global Mural Conference, which was held from September 10-13, 2012. It was billed as a Congress on Economic Development. Attendees were exposed to opportunities to inspire and encourage the creation of a competitive edge in economic development! The conference provided tools to help those in attendance to change the way they influence their community, their business and their work.

Topics and information covered:

  • Municipal planning and marketing at its most creative.
  • The rejuvenation process from a BIA and municipal perspective.
  • Worldly insights into tourism and community branding.
  • How to orient economic development through a whole spectrum of opportunities
  • How to analyze your community’s potential from within as opposed to copying what has been done elsewhere.
  • Imagination – ordinary doesn’t count signage and mural art workshop.
  • The latest Mural techniques, paints, canvas, tape art and related topics.

Economic development executives, painters, artists, tourism personnel, municipal decision makers, creative individuals and leaders, government staff, muralists and designers were in attendance.

The Chemainus Seniors Drop-In Centre hosted the sessions. Meals and musical events were hosted by the Playbill Dining Room of the Chemainus Theatre Festival. Participants gave the conference and both venues high marks.

The 9th Global Mural Conference will be held in Sherbrooke, PQ on August 13-16, 2014. See