Sandy Clark

Sandy Clark (bottom) and Lea Goward Though born and raised in Ontario, Sandy Clark’s artistic inspiration was largely drawn from the particular moods and atmosphere of the sea. Clark travelled west from Toronto, bringing with her a superb understanding of the intricacies of water-borne vessels, as well as an innate ability to interpret people and their distinct expressions.

Clark painted in oil and watercolour to create impressions of individuals she had met and of moments of peace experienced on ocean shores. She exhibited in BC, the United States and Australia.

Sandy Clark passed away in 2010.

ASSISTANT – Lea Goward

While attending the University of Victoria, Lea Goward experienced large-scale painting first hand in a “theatre-in-education” program. She put her new knowledge to work as Sandy Clark’s assistant for the painting of Arrival Of The ‘Reindeer’ In Horseshoe Bay. Goward now works in pastels, watercolour and conte.