In Search of Snipes

Sculpture #1

In Search of Snipes, Sculpture by Glenn Spicer

16.4M X 5.5M (31’ X 18’), Heritage Square
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Artist: Glenn Spicer

Designed and Cast in 1986

On a moonlit summer’s night in 1913, two strangers found their way into Chemainus. While socializing with the locals, they were told of elusive snipes hiding in the forest, and that this would be a perfect night to catch them. The strangers were shown the secret place in the woods and instructed to hold a lit lantern in front of an open sack, into which the locals, acting as beaters, would drive the snipe.

The townsfolk then stole back to the village. After hours of waiting, the boys realized they had been innocent victims of a bit of mischief, and they too returned to the village to join the others and share a good laugh.

Snipes, like dreams, can be captured. Through hard work, Chemainus embraced its “snipes” when yesterday’s dreams became today’s realities.

Note: Due to irreparable damage, the stranger holding the lantern has been removed and placed in storage.