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Private Commissions for Public Enjoyment

 The Peace Pole, Sculpture Private CommissionPeace Pole
Sculpture #2
By Roger Nygaard – Waterwheel Square.
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Sea Captain -Sculpture -Private CommissionSea Captain
Sculpture #3
By Glenn Spicer – Willow Street.
It is located atop the Pacific Shores Hotel building, so one must look UP to see it!
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The Waterwheel, Sculpture - Private CommissionThe Waterwheel
Sculpture #6
Original by Karl Schutz – Waterwheel Square.
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In 1966, the Chemainus-Crofton and District Chamber of Commerce adopted the waterwheel as its emblem. A full size working replica of the original Chemainus waterwheel, made of red cedar, came to life in a community project in 1967. MacMillan Bloedel contributed most of the material, Beggs Brothers Ltd., the cement and Karl Schutz created the wheel itself. Many other individuals also contributed their time and labour. It was dedicated by H.R. MacMillan on June 3, 1967. The waterwheel currently in use is a replica of the foregoing.

The Three Generations -Private Commission Donated to the Chemainus Festival of Murals SocietyThree Generations
Sculpture #7
By the late Sandy Clark – Legion Street.
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Al and Marg Johnson of Chemainus commissioned the creation of these fibreglass figures. The backdrop was painted at a later date. Al and Marg’s daughters donated the sculptures and backdrop to the Chemainus Festival of Murals Society after the deaths of their parents.

 The Older Generation, Sculpture - Private CommissionThe Older Generations
Sculpture #8
By Barrie Shaw-Rimmington – Willow Street.
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Neil Newton and Dianne Hopkins of Chemainus commissioned this sculpture around 1990. It was created from a series of walk around photos of Neil’s parents, Yvonne and Tom Newton. It is made of Resin mixed with bronze particles then coloured with acrylic paint.

H.R.MacMillan, Sculpture - Private CommissionH.R. MacMillan
Sculpture #9
By Cheng Shu Ren (Arthur Cheng) – Waterwheel Square.
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Sculpture #S10 — Double Spinner & Twister OvalDouble Spinner and Twister Oval
Sculpture #10
By Lyman Whitaker – SE corner of Chemainus Rd & Victoria St.
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Lyman Whitaker, an American from Utah, has been a working sculptor for over 50 years. For the last 30 years he has focused on creating wind sculptures which are handmade kinetic art that responds to the changing currents of the wind.

Whitaker’s work is described as “intriguing when caught in one’s peripheral vision for a second, but not a diversion; up close, the experience is mesmerizing and interactive”.