Sacred Cedar – Inspired by Emily Carr

Mural #EC4

EC4 — Sacred Cedars - Inspired by Emily Carr3.66M X 2.44M  (12’ X 8’) In the lane between Utopia Bakery and Bonnie Martin Restaurant
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Painted in 2016 by Cim MacDonald.

The canoes and totems featured in this mural were carved from cedar. Cedar had a special significance in the culture and traditions of the Northwest Coast First Nations. Yellow cedar, being more pliable, was used for clothing — such as cloaks, and swaddling cloths for infants — as well as storage baskets for food. Red cedar was used for baby cradles, First Nations homes, and dugout canoes for transportation and fishing, and the iconic totems. This mural contains a reproduction Emily Carr’s Blunden Harbour.