A Joyful Spring in Chemainus

Mural #C7

Mural #C7 — A Joyful Spring in Chemainus 1.2M X 2.4M (4’ X 8’) Willow Street, Chemainus Public Market
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Artist: Chemainus Art Group
Painted in 2021.

In the dark months of early 2021, Chemainus Art Group members needed a project to get them through the end-of-winter Covid-related doldrums.

The brainchild behind the project, the directors of the art group, asked the artists to create a mosaic. Members were each given a prepared one-foot by one-foot square. Each member had to follow certain guidelines so when all squares were placed together in the right order, the result would be a full four-foot by eight-foot mural. To add an air of mystery to the project the artists didn’t know the overall design.

Originally on display in the Chemainus branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library, its new home is inside the Chemainus Public Market.

Here are the names of the artists who created the squares: Natasha Baronas, Lynda Sangster, A. Brice Grice, B. Douglas Anderson, Heather J. Kent, Leslie Baronas, Lauren Spilsbury, Kay Hogberg, Josslyn Meyers, Richard Bocking, Colleen Graham, Laura Rasmussen, Jo-Anne Hamel, Gayle McPherson, Susan Beaubier,
Gaileen  Irwin, Alison Millard, Mark Hird-Rutter, Wanda Truesdell, Ragna Watt, Grace Lewis, Mary Ann Gerwing, Kathryn Huse, Lizzie Pocock, Pat Smith, Elaine Grodaes, Jane Hird-Rutter, Helen Stephen, Jetta van Westen, Joanie Winnitoy, Maria Chau, Jayne Noftall, Astrid Notte.