Camp 2 On A Sunday

Mural #9

Mural #9 — Camp 2 On A Sunday 6.5M X 6.4M (21’ X 20’), Waterwheel Crescent
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Artist: David J. More

Painted in 1983.

Loggers at the V L & M Co. Ltd. Camp 2 (circa 1902) would spend part of their Sundays around the bunkhouse. It was the day for washing up and tending to one’s personal grooming.

Half barrels and 18.18 litres (four gal) coal oil cans were used as washtubs, while a rail spike keg made a great barber’s chair.

At about this time, mining fever erupted, with rich strikes of gold and copper resulting in new mining operations opening up at Mount Sicker, Tyee and Lenora. These competed for the loggers’ labour and commitment to the company.