Arrival Of The ‘Reindeer’ In Horseshoe Bay

Mural #6

Mural #6 — Arrival Of The Reindeer7.7M X 4.6M (25’ X 13’), Mill Street
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Artists: Sandy Clark and Lea Goward
Painted in 1983. Restored in 2007 by Cim MacDonald.

A luminescent cedar bark cloak envelops the figure of a Native princess as she contemplates the arrival of the sloop Her Majesty’s Ship Reindeer. The ship’s commander, Captain A.E. Kennedy, was an acquaintance of Isabel and Thomas George Askew, pioneers of Chemainus and mill owners for many years.

The Reindeer made regular stops in Horseshoe Bay (now called Chemainus Bay) on its rounds of the coast.