Mural #47

Mural #47 — Rebirth2.4M X 4.9M (8′ X 16′), rear of 9756 Willow Street.
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Artist: Maynard Johnny Jr.
Painted in 2022.

Maynard Johnny Jr. had a dream to paint a Coast Salish inspired mural in Chemainus. The result is Rebirth, the first art piece in the Chemainus Festival of Murals Society collection that has been created solely by a Coast Salish artist. Rebirth refers to his peoples’ attempt to reconnect with their culture.

The mural shows a female eagle on the right and a male on the left, the balance in their world. Indigenous society is traditionally matriarchal, so the pregnant woman in the middle signifies a rebirth of their culture. There is a salmon face in the belly of the woman. The salmon is revered for its resilience and strength as it overcomes many obstacles while returning to its spawning grounds. This resilience of salmon speaks to Indigenous peoples.