The Volunteers

Mural #40

Mural #40 — The Volunteers

6.4M X 3M  (21’ X 10’)  Lane beside the Chemainus Theatre
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Artist: Dan Sawatzky

Painted in 2007.

Mayor Graham Bruce and The Honourable Bill Vander Zalm are shown cutting the ribbon to officially open the Chemainus Downtown Revitalization Project on April 23, 1982.

The mayor had the foresight and vision to prevent the 1981 recession from impacting on Chemainus. He instigated the project by appointing a committee which guided the revitalization, made recommendations to council and approved the mural project. The committee was made up of Graham Bruce, Alan Hussey, Rex Hollett, Sandra Heydon, Jerry Philippson, Gordon Swanson and Bill Jameson.

In addition, there was the “Group of Seven”. Al Johnson, Joe Hudak, Tony Monco, Jack Jameson, Bill Jameson, Vern Kay and Joe Jeles represented the interests of the Chamber of Commerce and were the leading proponents for revitalization.

Others featured in the mural are the first mural artist, Frank Lewis, Martin Thomas, BC’s Revitalization Coordinator and Catherine Fyffe, the Chemainus Festival of Murals Society office manager, as well as Karl Schutz, the official coordinator of the 1981 Downtown Revitalization Project.

Hundreds of volunteers have been instrumental in the success of the Chemainus mural project and this mural is dedicated to every one of them.