The Lone Scout

Mural #30

Mural #30 — The Lone Scout6.10M X 2.59M  (20’ X 8’6”) Croft Street
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Artist: Stanley Hiromichi Taniwa

Painted in 1991.

Edward Shige Yoshida was born in Victoria, BC in 1908, and was raised in the quiet mill community of Chemainus.

In 1929, he realized his dream in starting the 2nd Chemainus Boy Scouts, an all-Japanese Canadian troop and the first of its kind in the country.

The delicate, porcelain plate quality of his portrait in the mural, The Lone Scout, belies the wit, energy and determination of this slightly built but significant character in the life of Chemainus.

Chemainus was home to a community of 300 Japanese Canadians who had settled in the area between 1900 and the 1940s. Mill workers, fishers, business people and their families, all were interned after the attack on Pearl Harbour.

By a series of coincidences, Stanley Taniwa came to paint The Lone Scout, and included in the background of the mural members of his family, then and now.