Steam Train On Bridge Over Chemainus River

Mural #3

Mural #3 — Steam Train On Bridge Over Chemainus River

2.4M X 3.7M (8′ X 12′) Willow Street
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Artist: Paul Marcano
Painted in 1982.

Thundering across a log bridge over the Chemainus River is Locomotive No. 4, an 80-ton Porter 2-6-2T, once the pride of the Victoria Lumber & Manufacturing Co. Ltd.’s Copper Canyon Railway System.

Chemainus was the delivery point of the first, the last, and the longest enduring rail logging operation in BC.

The original mural was destroyed when the building was demolished. It rose again; windows and the air conditioner were painstakingly filled in; new technology was used to recreate it, and the mural moved to its present location in 2017.