First Schoolhouse 1883

Mural #17

Mural #17 — First School House 18834.825M X 2.44M (15’10” X 8’)  West Wall, 9752 Willow Street
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Artist: Kiff Holland FCA, CSMA, RI (HON)

Painted in 1986. Restored in 2013 by Cim MacDonald.

In 1883, the first public school in Chemainus was built next to the route of the E&N Railway. The mural is based on an 1885 photograph.

In the background is Samuel Girdlestone Lewis, the first local school teacher. He also ran a number of local businesses. From left to right in the foreground are Jack Windsor, Fred Cottenham, Elsie and Charlie Campbell, Mary Windsor, William Thomas, George, Fred and Tom Bonsall and Joe Allard.