Maynard Johnny Jr.

Coast Salish artist, Maynard Johnny Jr., has been drawing portraits of his family and replicating comics since early childhood. His exploration of First Nations Art began at age 17 when he designed and created his first painting on a seven-foot by three-foot door skin panel. Primarily self-taught, Maynard has been influenced by accomplished artists and has expanded his reach significantly, designing logo and identity pieces for organizations, movie sets and television series. An internationally recognized artist, Maynard’s work continues to share the beauty of Coast Salish art through graphic painting, wood, glass, large metal sculptures and precious metals.

Johnny Jr. was chosen from a field of 37 First Nations Artists to create art for a BC Ferries vessel in 2022. The art, which features the wings, tail and beak of a heron, spans about seven storeys laid on its side and wraps along the side of the ship. Inspiration for the design came from the herons that frequent B.C.’s West Coast that have historically led fishermen to where fish were abundant.

Johnny Jr was awarded BC Achievement Fulmer Award for First Nations Art in 2019.