Harold Lyon

Harold LyonHarold Lyon grew up in Ontario surrounded by cattle and horses.  He worked in the bush, sawing logs, and so developed a solid background on which to base his strong portrayals of rugged bush life. As an artist, Lyon has a special penchant for things “Western” – the round-ups, cowboys and weather-worn faces in windswept settings.

Lyon attended art college in Detroit and Toronto, then worked as a graphic artist and set designer. For a time he was the Art Director for the Hudson’s Bay Company in Calgary. He worked for five years as an illustrator in Seattle.

Logging With Oxen is a wonderful example of Lyon’s inherent energy, imbued as it is with a sense of the slow plodding and strain of the powerful animals harnessed to massive logs.

Lyon’s paintings are exhibited in galleries in Canada and the United States. He painted the portrait of the former Lieutenant-Governor of BC, and his latest series of Arctic scenes has toured the country.