Frank Lewis – Nancy Lagana

Frank Lewis and Nancy LaganaOriginally from Victoria, BC, Frank Lewis’ career took him eastward in the late 1950s. Soon he was winning acclaim for his work as a professional illustrator, with awards from both Toronto and Montreal. In 1963, his work was placed in the prestigious New York Society of Illustrators Show.

Back on the West Coast in the late 1960s, the style of Lewis’ painting began to change and evolve on a larger scale, beginning with the decoration of a construction fence at the Vancouver Court House. Soon to come were mural paintings for tourism projects, as well as commissioned works for Daon Corporation, the Carnegie Library, the Westerly Hotel and other clients.

Frank Lewis passed away in 2013.


ASSISTANT – Nancy Lagana

As Lewis’ assistant, Nancy Lagana brought with her an impressive academic art background. She has an Honours BA from Harvard University, and studied ceramics and sculpture at the Vancouver School of Art.