Constance Greig-Manning

Constance Greig ManningConnie has spent much of her artistic career tackling large projects. Many of her canvases are nearly mural size, but her first outdoor mural experience took her to a new dimension.

A skilled portrait artist, Greig-Manning was awarded the commission to paint The Lumber Barons, a tenth anniversary project of the Arts and Business Council of Chemainus (which included the Festival of Murals Society). One of the larger challenges, she recalls, was painting portraits that were 5 feet high when it was only possible to step back four feet to study the work in progress. “There was a lot of going up and down the scaffold and going across the street in order to see the full picture,” she explains.

“A great thrill was having the opportunity to meet people and talk about the work as it unfolded,” Greig-Manning adds. “Sharing the complex story of what that mural represented as well as the mural painting process was exciting.”

Painting since she was a child, she was encouraged to become an artist and pursued Fine Art studies at the University of Calgary.  Greig-Manning now lives and works in Chemainus.