Our Supporters

Volunteers Are Our Strength

Since the mural project began in 1982, volunteer participation has been central to its success.

Volunteers are always willing to provide information on the murals and the community to the many visitors to Chemainus.

Without them, the Chemainus Festival of Murals Society would never have happened. Volunteers were instrumental in setting the stage for the first murals to be painted. They continue to offer their time on a regular basis for numerous functions related to the mural project. Their amazing contribution was officially recognized by the Government of British Columbia in 1989.

The Chemainus Festival of Murals Society extends a heartfelt thank you for the dedication of all the volunteers who really make Chemainus “The Little Town That Did”™.

Corporate And Private Donations And In-Kind Donations

Words can never adequately express the debt of gratitude owed to the many businesses and individuals who have generously donated their time, skills, money and materials to create the vibrant artistic community and thriving centre of hospitality which is Chemainus today. Thirty years after the Chemainus mural project began, the number of individuals and businesses whose names deserve inclusion here would fill several pages – a tribute to the extent of the community’s involvement.

The murals, like gift wrap on the galleries, restaurants and shops, both new and old, stand as witness to the indomitable spirit of the people of this valley. Visitors from around the world will be heartened by the story told on the walls of Chemainus, and by the warmth of the welcome from those whose story it is.