Chemainus revitalization project improves view of murals

Mural #32 The Telephone Company Circa 1915

The Telephone Company – Circa 1915

The Municipality of North Cowichan recently completed Phase 2 of its downtown Chemainus revitalization project. Phase 1 involved Waterwheel Square and the new parking lot, while Phase 2 revolved around the update of the commercial area of north Willow Street, with seating areas, a town clock and tree planters. Both phases enhanced visibility and access to five murals in the Chemainus historical mural series. Working with Oxen and the Steam Donkey mural received improved landscaping and beautiful lighting for night time viewing. Shrubs that blocked the view of the Telephone Company mural were removed, and the sidewalk was updated with interlocking brick work.

Mural #10 The Company Store

Sight lines for The Company Store are greatly improved as part of the Willow St. revitalization project.

The Company Store mural behind the Telus building was greatly enhanced with a new laneway created for access between Willow Street and Waterwheel Square.

Emily Carr 2 was moved and enhanced as part of the Waterwheel Square revitalization project.

Emily Carr 2

And last, but not least, the Emily Carr 2 mural was relocated to a more forested location at Waterwheel Square and enhanced with artistic wood beams representing the predominant trees of Vancouver Island, the Douglas fir and the red cedar.