If Walls Could Talk


I am not sure if walls can talk, but the wall displaying mural number 12, Native Heritage, has quite a story to tell.   Few of our visitors know the support wall for this 20ft x 50ft mural was specially made just for this purpose in 1983 and that the mural was the first major commission for now internationally known artist Paul Ygartua.

Paul and his wife Joanne were back in Chemainus this summer making news as this powerful mural was restored for the third time.

Oh yes! The wall. There is a plaque underneath the mural listing a number of contributors without whose assistance the wall would not have come to life. The wall has been standing proud for over 30 years and if you have ever seen the theatrical performance of “The Fantastics” you know walls do talk.

P.S. The wall told me Paul Ygartua celebrated his 69th birthday in Chemainus during his restoration of Native Heritage.

Another of the secrets the wall has kept is the existence of limited edition reproductions of this amazing artwork. There are a few artist proofs left; selling for only $69.00. The regular prints, from a limited edition of 400, sell for $59.00.

Let your walls talk with a copy of this powerful image; contact us here.


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